Friday, April 29, 2011

The last day at Aon...there's always something!

Today was my last day working for Aon. It was not very eventful at the office, but outside the office a lot happened.

1. I wanted to drive the Jeep because it was supposed to be a beautiful day. The Jeep had just been repaired (fuel pump and hoses) and was at the mechanic ready to be picked up. To get there (just 2 miles, mostly downhill) I took a bike. But it was colder outside than I planned for. Oh well, only 2 miles and too tough to pedal uphill to get home and dress warmer. I arrived shivering. The Jeep started up great, drove home, changed, and went to the office.

2. The new PC was supposed to be delivered (for my job starting Monday) sometime today by FedEx. Got home at 2pm and there was a note on the door saying I could pick it up at the office. Why can't the deliveryman be late, like he would have been had I been home waiting? Had a late lunch and got there about 3. The lady said "the truck doesn't get back until 7. We close at 8. If you want, you can pick it up tomorrow". OK, wasted trip, but it was a nice Jeep drive on a beautiful day.

3. Cleaned the birdbath and made some hummingbird food. Went to pick up my son (using the Jeep) and turned it off while waiting. 10 minutes later, with him in the car, it wouldn't start. I just picked it up from the mechanic TODAY! It already has a new coil, new starter, new battery, new battery cables, new fuel pump, new distributor, and new fuel line hoses. Turning the key causes the "battery gauge" to drop, so it all seems right. Decided to go into the Italian restaurant there and have dinner and let things under the hood cool down.

4. After dinner, it still wouldn't start. Still enough daylight, I called my mechanically inclined neighbor. He came with a couple of tools. He seemed to be focused on the solenoid, which is between the battery and the starter. He said "it seems intermittent, but also registers ok...let me try something." He takes wires off and scrapes the bolts and terminals a little. They didn't seem corroded to me, nor did it seem like he made any difference. He put them back on and the Jeep fired right up... Amazing! On Sunday I will do a more thorough cleaning of those connections and put dielectric grease on it all to retard corrosion.

5. Got home and decided my mailbox was just too beat up. I have had a new replacement in the garage ready to go for YEARS. Still plenty of daylight. I take off the old, put on the new, then go to put on the clasps and flag. Not enough screws, and not enough nuts. There should be a longer screw to go through the flag. Who packaged this hardware??? I look at the hardware package and stamped on it are the words "Packaged by the blind". If I don't put the flag on, there are enough screws, but still 1 nut shy. Luckily I am a handyman. I have plenty of spare parts in my shed. Found the exact nut needed and put the clamps on. Won't need the flag for awhile. Actually, I don't like the new flag. I want to use the old flag, but it attaches differently. So on Sunday I will trace the holes of the old box, drill matching holes on the new box, and mount the old flag on the new box.

There's always SOMETHING...isn't there? It's going to be nice working from home and have the ability to do little tasks either during lunchtime or immediately after commute to eat up daylight.