Thursday, August 27, 2009

Annual Enrollment

Our company has gotten to a period called "Annual Enrollment". We handle the enrollment process for employee benefits for a number of clients. For the client that I work with, there are many changes. For example, all of the medical plans are being changed, the dental, the vision, group life insurance, and others.

People are currently enrolled in a 2009 plan. When Jan 1 comes around we have to "map" them to a new plan so that they do not lose coverage, AND allow them to select what they want as well. This means that all the new plans and maps need to be set up way ahead of Jan 1. Along with all the plan changes are rate changes. And rates are sometimes based on geographic location and smoker/nonsmoker status. The list of details goes on and on.

There are 3 of us working on this client setup. We have been working like dogs to meet a Friday morning deadline for some stuff. I have been putting in 12 hour days setting up and debugging a number of things. If all goes well I will have my piece done late today. Unless I fall over first.

Since I am still new to the company, this is the first time that I am going through AE. Next year I will have experienced it and will have a lot more knowledge. Hopefully the client won't change so much next year.

I hope to be able to eat and sleep better this weekend.