Monday, July 24, 2006

Back from vacation

We got back from vacation on Saturday evening. What a fun time we had. We went to:
The Stone Mountain Laser show then
The Georgia Aquarium. After that we got hot dogs at the Varsity.

We went to Six Flags White Water and got on nearly every water slide. My sister Cheryl hurt a foot but it is already getting better. We went to see the movie "You, Me, and Dupree."
And to see my mom and dad's house which is still under construction (should be done early next month).

On Sunday (back home) we went to Waffle House (our tradition) then went to see the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. JP had seen it already but he wanted to see it again. It was very enjoyable.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Donde esta communicado?

I will be incommunicado for a week while on vacation.
Where is communicado, you ask? South of Atlanta, bopping between the towns of Hampton and McDonough, visiting with my brother Duane, sister Cheryl, their spouses, and any kids that are there. I have my son for the week. We'll tool around Atlanta some, go see movies, swimming, and hopefully get a hot dog at the Varsity.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Five minutes would have made a difference

I used to cut down a lot of trees and would burn off the debris often, but hadn't done that for a couple of years. There was a large pile remaining and everything was decaying and moist and covered with weeds. So over the past weeks I have worked on this little by little. The weedy cover was easy to burn off with kerosene. That allowed me to get to the more dry stuff on top, which was piled and burned ok. Then I raked stuff out into sunlight for a couple days and would pile and burn that. Finally I got to a point where it was easiest to put the remainder in a wheelbarrow and take it up to the street where we have yard waste collection. A couple of wheelbarrows full would not be a problem, but I didn't want to do that a couple dozen times.

Yesterday was hot and muggy. I took a full load up to the street. Now what is left would not even fill the wheelbarrow. It would have taken me about 5 minutes to finish that, but rain was coming. This morning I looked out and the city came and took away the yard waste. If I had taken the 5 minutes the entire pile would be gone.

After some more raking and shovelling of ashes there will certainly be some more stuff to collect, but the area is almost ready to store my trailers. I wish I had before pictures.

For a couple of days I've been thinking about the bamboo bed I want to make for JP's room. The design is nice and looks simple enough, but I didn't have enough of the bamboo that was needed. So I went to the bamboo lot and brought home 5 poles that are 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter and 9 feet long. They will make the long rails and some of the short rails that connect the 4 corner posts. Now they need to dry and I'm going to try something to see if I can keep them from splitting as they dry.

This isn't my design and I hope that the person that I copied this from won't mind...not that I'm going to profit from selling his design...just making one for myself. Wish I had measurements. When ready I will simply take a mattress downstairs and use that as a template to make the support system to the correct size. Then I'll make the headboard and footboard, then connect it all together.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Chipotle on the way!

Long time readers of my blog may recall that when I was in Dallas a few months ago I needed something to eat before I had a hypoglycemic headache. I was directed to an area within a short walk where I could find some decent restaurants and chose one called "Chipotle". It was quick, good, and I could not eat all of my burrito. I think I remarked that they don't have Chipotle here, even though I found out that it is a chain.
See Chipotle website here.

So, the other day I was driving to Barnes and Noble and passing by the mall I saw some new outbuilding construction going on. Looked up and saw that one of the new stores was marked "Chipotle". Yay!