Monday, April 20, 2009

My second lighthouse


For the weekend I went to the Outer Banks. It was only the second time I have been out to the NC coast in 20 years of living in North Carolina. The first time was cold and rainy, but this past weekend was absolutely beautiful.

While there, a trip was made to the Currituck lighthouse. This was the second lighthouse I climbed in my 48 years.
Click here for the website.

The first lighthouse I climbed was a handful of years ago, near Daytona Beach/New Smyrna Beach, FL. That one is the Ponce DeLeon Inlet lighthouse, which is Florida's tallest.
Click here for the website.

Look at those two lighthouses...see any similarity? To me they look very similar. I believe the Ponce Inlet one is painted "terra cotta", but at a casual glance this could be just taken for natural brick color. The Currituck lighthouse is natural paint.

The weather was beautiful. Perfect blue sky and probably in the mid 70's. I could post pictures, but there are better ones aleady available online.

Of note, I felt less secure at the top of the Currituck lighthouse. I've never had a fear of heights, but certainly a respect for being careful at altitude. For some reason, thoughts kept entering my head of slipping and going through or over the railing. And I was thinking about younger children going up there too, and not acting in a safe manner. Glad to be on the ground. But I do want to visit and climb more lighthouses. Would love to visit Cape Hatteras now.